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with Marisa
Marisa beach ottawa

Hey Goddess! I'm Marisa.



In the past 4 years, I've completely transformed my life.


Throughout my childhood, I experienced complex sexual trauma which later led me down a dark and lonely path to rock bottom fuelled by extreme sexual shame, addictions, abusive relationships, and a complete disconnection from the self.


 I knew that in order to align my life to its true potential, I had to break free from the negative cycles and patterns I was falling victim to, and reclaim my voice as a powerful, sovereign woman.

Through these life-changing experiences, I have cracked the code on what it takes to ASCEND and I am thrilled to be sharing this wisdom with women who are seeking a meaningful life that is rooted in authenticity, empowerment, expansive awareness, radical truth, and a total embodiment of their true feminine essence. 

Educate. Empower. Expand.

in ASCEND group mentoring for women

As natural creators of life, we are born with incredible superpowers to birth miracles into existence, but are often silenced, stigmatized, and sexualized causing us to dissociate from our true feminine essence and suppress our personal power.


ASCEND with Marisa brings together an intimate group of women with common goal:

to establish a deeper connection with your Higher Self while aligning with the feminine energy of the Moon cycle so you may unlock your personal formula for happiness, abundance, authenticity, and effortless flow.


As your facilitator, I will guide you through a 4-week journey packed with so much goodness that will initiate total transformation using a variety of lessons, music journeys, meditations, and Soulwork exercises.

"The program helped me to look at signs, and to trust and follow my intuition — to express myself, and to breathe during the fearful moments as I began to shine a light on things, including parts of me, that were normally hidden. Marisa shares her intuitive gifts and her knowledge in a gentle, yet powerful way.  I would recommend the ASCEND program to any woman who has started the work on Self, and wants to align with her/their higher Self while moving forward on her/their journey."

-Fay D, Canada

a small glimpse into the magic... 


Through a 4-week journey in accordance with the Moon Cycle so you may leverage the powerful feminine energy she represents to initiate positive changes in your life through the power of manifestation

To tap into your connection to Divine and to your Higher Self so you may honour her purpose in this lifetime through creation, actions, and intentions

To raise your personal frequency through the unique use of sound. vibration, and soul lessons so you may align with your future self and find everlasting success

To strengthen your intuition and connection to the Spirit realm so you may unlock your Higher Self wisdom and the secret to sustainable changes and infinite abundance

To hold yourself accountable to your personal energetic blueprint you will uncover with me so you may remain in a state of flow through your journey of ASCENSION

To fully embrace your feminine essence and ignite the power of expressing yourself as a powerful, sovereign, woman in everything you do

To create new aspects of your identity - ones that are rooted in truth, authenticity, self-expression and honouring of your dreams and desires

To understand and implement healthy boundaries to ensure you and your energy (physical and energetic) remain protected and of the highest priority 



IN 2023

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There is a saying 'when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.'  

Before ASCEND, I was looking to understand meditation more and to help understand who I am these days. We lost our 21 yr old son in a car accident almost a year ago and our life as we knew it and desires came to an abrupt halt. I found myself lost, and not certain of where I wanted to go with my future. Although I eat pretty healthy and do daily fitness to help my spirit I knew I needed a little more. Since the program, I feel more grounded, more forgiving of myself with my emotions, more reflective and seeking to be in nature and spot signs that I may have missed before.
I learnt how important breathing is to healing, how listening to guided meditation allowed me to benefit from it more, and the lessons taught about ascension and filling my cup and listening to my inner wisdom are all keys to supporting me on my journey forward. I already want to recommend this to friends and family who have a hard time relaxing and difficulty with sleep and who are anxious.  I would recommend this for anybody who is dealing with grief like myself or whose who need inner peace. Being part of a community of women doing this was supportive.
We are all dealing with our own issues and life but coming together with a leader such as Marisa was super healing and calming. Marisa’s voice and soothing and caring nature shone though on this course. Marisa was a great teacher and very knowledgeable and supportive. Marisa will help show you the big picture and give you a system and ideas to follow to help you ascend. The course gave some stability and planning around making myself accountable to taking action. It is freeing to understand your inner well being and taking the time for myself to do this. Thank you Marisa! I am so glad I know you and took your course.

-Cindy L



As a woman who has been-there, done-that (countless times!), I am excited to share all that I have learned from my hardships to help initiate big changes in women's lives across the globe.


My unhealed trauma led me down a dark and lonely path, but by unlocking the divine feminine magic within me, I was able to heal, reclaim, and manifest a life for me I never imagined possible.


My mission is to help women who have been denied of their feminine power and the innate ability to create powerful change. Whatever it is you are looking to heal, I will help you identify what old versions of yourself it is time to let go of, and will empower you to reactivate and embody the unstoppable, sovereign woman you are.

In ASCEND, I share my secrets of aligning myself to the feminine energy of the moon cycle, creating big transformation and shifts from a life of 'surviving' into 'thriving'.


Girl, I would love to see the same for you!


Marisa Hannewyk


"Each lesson really stuck with me in a deeper, intuitive way beyond just learning. It was almost as if Marisa's words and the themes enveloped my soul and created a deeper effect than I even realized in the moment. Since starting this program, I have made many positive changes in my life including healthier living, increased soul work and learning more about how strong my intuition really is."

- Shannon F 

"ASCEND is an amazing program for women who want to empower themselves with intentions, manifestations and learn to raise their vibrations. It gives us the permission to want more positivity in our lives and helps us believe that we can make our dreams happen by working on ourselves via our intuition and through the moon phases. The program gives much more clarity on one’s true desires and makes us understand that it is not selfish to step into our power."   

-Josée S-P

“Before I started the ASCEND program, I was feeling a bit lost and not sure what I needed to do to get back on track. After 4 weeks of the ASCEND program, I have the right tools and knowledge to continue my journey of being my better self. I feel like my anxiety levels have decreased and I have a toolkit to access whenever they start rising again. I am so grateful for Marisa and the way she shared her knowledge with us was so powerful. I would recommend to anyone who is feeling lost and unsure of what to do next.” 

-Brianna S

"This program is gentle enough for those unsure of how to make changes in their life, while activating enough to help you find your own path to increasing your personal frequency. I learned a lot and the regular classes and sharing held me accountable to stick with the learning. Marisa has such a warm energy that is conducive to guiding her students to growth. She welcomes you in and through her energy, she shares so much of herself in a way that invites you to do the same with the world."

-Paige I

"This program helped me realign to my highest self and to the cycles of the moon. I appreciated the guidance and support Marisa brought, and this container of amazing women who I got to meet during the program. Thank you so much, Marisa!"

-Kaitlyn B

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