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Everyone has experienced trauma in their lives.

Most of us have never been conditioned to recognize our trauma, let alone educated on how to heal it. Unhealed trauma can show up in our lives as physical pain, emotional stress, unhealthy relationship patterns, or any other negative experience. Recognizing that trauma exists is the first step on the healing journey.


We have all lived through a pandemic. Therefore, we have all faced some similar trauma. Whether you lost your income, suffered from the illness, struggled with childcare, lost touch with loved ones, or simply lost a part of your routine (like going to a dance bar or a yoga studio), we can all say that 2020 was traumatic in one way or another.

Our minds and our bodies are divinely designed and are naturally able to heal any trauma that life throws at us. However, we must provide our bodies and minds with the right environment to do their magic healing work. This can be achieved through the power of our own breath, energy, thoughts, and intention.

With rising occasions of isolation and quarantine, many of us are presented with the opportunity to dedicate more time on our personal healing goals, so that we can all become better versions of ourselves as we move into a bright future.

Breathe., offers a unique energy healing technique that incorporates intention, breathwork, and energy awareness. In each session, we coach you to recreate this healing energy on your own, and uncover the healing power within you. 


Our mission is to eliminate your need for ongoing practitioner bookings and endless money spent to feel your absolute best mentally, physically, and emotionally.

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