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with Marisa

In need of an energetic tune-up?

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Sometimes we just need to feel heard.

We are all human, and we all have moments (or days) where life can feel bigger than us. I've been there (many times), and I am here to support you through the lulls of life and help re-route you back on track to greatness. 


This 60-minute Power Hour session is for those times when you are caught up in the troubling thoughts, feelings or emotions of a personal circumstance and are seeking guidance, resources, or food for thought that can assist you in becoming unstuck.

Through a combination of channeling and higher-self wisdom, I will use modalities such as mediumship, pattern and karmic cycle identification, energy clearing, tarot and oracle, and energy re-balancing to assist you in our session together.


Whether it may be a personal or business related circumstance that is causing you to feel off-balance, this hour is dedicated to re-centering you back into a state of flow and control.

Note: All booked sessions are completed as a single service. Should you wish to continue working with me in future sessions, package options can be discussed and considered depending on my availability at the time.

Topics can Include...

  • Relationships (romantic, professional, family, friendship)

  • Self-worth, Self-value, Self-confidence

  • Women Empowerment

  • Stress and Anxiety management

  • Life purpose and soul discovery

  • Pattern recognition, co-dependent behaviours and repetitive cycles

  • Wellness Realignment 

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Tools I may Use...

  • Tarot & Oracle cards

  • Channeling, Mediumship and Energy Healing

  • Meditation (live or takeaway)

  • Personal Development Exercises (live or takeaway)

  • Sound Therapy (live or takeaway) 

  • Recommendations for books, Tedx Talks, podcasts, and other non-clinical, holistic healing modalities

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