Carrie Bedesky

meet co-creator of breathe,


Sun sign: Virgo

Hometown: Fenwick, ON, Canada

Go-to healing modality: Breathwork!

Daily habit or ritual for success: Mindful movement and mobility - yoga, stretching, foam rolling, etc.

Inspired by: Nature, in all its forms

Favourite restaurant dish: Butter croissant - Small Victory bakery, Vancouver BC

Favourite book: The Untethered Soul by Michael A Singer

Favourite way to break a sweat: Power yoga or powerlifting 

Favourite way to relax:  Sitting in the sun and listening to ocean waves

Favourite way to have fun: dancing to live music

Best lesson learned about life: Happiness is a state of mind

Current obsessions: Mineral water, audiobooks, popcorn

Scariest thing I’ve done: Going downhill mountain biking for the first time without a clue on how to actually handle the bike... it ended with a trip to emergency, followed by major surgery to repair. I was so lucky to have Marisa nearby to help me get through the recovery process. She is an absolute angel!