Marisa Hannewyk

meet co-creator of breathe,

breathe - marisa_edited_edited.jpg

Sun sign: Libra

Hometown: Brockville, ON, Canada

Go-to healing modality: Music and movement

Daily habit or ritual for success: Morning gratitude practice

Inspired by: Individuals who chase their dreams

Favourite restaurant dish: Tartufina Pizza - Per Se Social Corner, Vancouver BC

Favourite book: The Healing Code by Alexander Loyd

Favourite way to break a sweat: A high-vibe spin class

Favourite way to relax:  A day at the beach

Favourite way to have fun: Seadooing adventures

Best lesson learned about life: Everything happens for a reason

Current obsessions: Hot yoga, Impractical Jokers, and sour jujubes

Scariest thing I’ve done: Resigned from my banking career and moved across the country to begin a new life