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mission, vision, and values

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Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire a new world of conscious humanity by helping individuals recognize and optimize their personal power and potential.

Our Vision

We envision a widespread global community of empowered and sovereign beings who understand their own personal power to heal and create a better future for themselves and humanity.

Hands Up

Heal yourself.
Amplify your personal power.

Our Core Values

Authenticity is Essential

We aim to be authentic in all that we do, and embrace vulnerability often. We recognize that we must truly embody our lessons before we can effectively teach and inspire others. 

Operate on Love Frequency

We strive to operate on the frequency of love in all of our intentions, actions, and words. We consistently practice the expression of compassion, empathy, and kindness towards ourselves and others.

Seek Radical Truth

We believe the only way to achieve growth and success is to consistently seek truth and remain radically honest with ourselves and others at all times. 

Maintain Balance 

We pursue balance and moderation in all aspects of our business and life, respecting and honoring the needs of our bodies, minds, and souls throughout our perpetual journeys of expansion.

Be Curious

We pride ourselves on remaining curious and open-minded to all possibilities and perspectives. We learn and grow by asking questions and remaining open to deepening our understanding of the universe at large.

Embrace Community

We are grateful for the connection and support that community provides, and know that the greatest achievements can only be accomplished by a group of collectively driven individuals.

Maintain Trust 

We believe that there is great purpose to every experience in life. We place unwavering trust in ourselves and the universe that love will always lead us on the right path.



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