The irony of healing

Updated: Mar 6

by Carrie Bedesky, co-creator of breathe

We are both well on way through our healing journeys

Marisa and I reconnected in early 2019 and quickly realized that we both were on similar paths of healing and enlightenment. We swiftly became great friends, sharing similar passions for various healing modalities - i.e. meditation, sound healing, energy healing, tarot, yoga, fitness, therapy, etc.

Yes, we both love therapy! Just be sure to find someone that you connect with. Check out Psychology Today to find a professional near you (or online if that’s your jam).

We created an online healing business!

It wasn’t long before we started dreaming up ways that we could put our passions into practice, so we could share everything we learned throughout our own personal healing journeys, and help others live a better life. In May of 2020, when it really sunk in that this pandemic was going to be more than just a two-week lockdown, we officially began working on our business - breathe.

In January 2021, we officially launched! Marisa had already given up her consulting role and stream of steady income to pour her heart and soul into our new business venture. A few months later, I made one of the most liberating decisions I have ever made and left my corporate day job to take the entrepreneurial plunge!

We designed a 21 Day Transformation Challenge

After trying out various platforms and offerings, we built a 21 day mindfulness challenge that guides our members through a 3-step process of self-discovery. By dedicating 30 minutes a day to a mindfulness practice, our members are working through their own journey of healing, managing, or improving a specific area in their life. You can embark on your own 21 day Transformation today!

We taught our members how to manage the onset of stress...

One of our daily topics for this challenge is Managing the Onset of Stress, and on the 5th day of our first 21 day challenge, we guided our members through an introspective meditation to identify the mental, physical, and emotional triggers that cause stressful situations to perpetuate. We educated them on establishing a go-to practice to remain centred during a stressful time.

...and we couldn’t even manage the onset of our own stress!

In the mere 15 minute break between our final two meditation classes of the day, we humbly admit that we both failed to identify our own triggers and manage our own stress. Yes, we got into a heated disagreement just before we had to show up for our community, hold space for them, and guide them through a relaxing meditative experience.