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Unleash your feminine power

Sexual trauma is far too prevalent in our society, and most of us are not educated on how to heal from it.  


This is where we demand to see change in the world.


As strong, independent women who have personally experienced forms of sexual trauma in our lives, we (Marisa & Carrie) know that when this trauma is experienced and suppressed, it can resurface later in life in destructive ways such as unhealthy coping mechanisms, anxiety and depression, or codependent and insecure relationship patterns.

Our upcoming offerings will provide a safe space for women to reclaim their voice and reactivate the sacred connection with their feminine essence (body, mind, and soul) through healing, connection and total empowerment.


If you have experienced sexual trauma in any form (abuse, harassment, body and slut-shaming to name a few) and are seeking a community where you can utilize your voice to embody the powerful and sovereign female you are, then this is your invitation to profound transformation.

A sneak peak into what our upcoming programs will offer you:

Power to own and speak your truth

Accountability to thrive in a Victor mentality

Empowerment to identify and clear destructive patterns and behaviours

Tools to dictate your destiny

Sacred connection to your divine feminine power: body, mind, and soul

Community support from powerful fellow females, including Marisa and Carrie

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What type of setting are you most interested in?

Thank you for your interest. We will be in touch with you soon with further information about our programs.

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