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What do our clients have to say about breathe?

Talia S, July 2021 Focus Group participant


I want to thank you for changing my life. I was broken not grounded when I joined you. You brought me back to breathe, mellow out, align myself and heal! Since I left your program, I do 10 min meditations and I sit in silence, breathe, meditate and release stress. My mindfulness is back. And everyday I’m breathing more and learning more on mindfulness! Thank you.

- Harpaul M, Canada

Brianna S, July 2021 Focus Group participant

At a time where many of us have a chance to create new routines when old ones were forced to change, this 21 day challenge has tremendous value. Taking the time to rest the mind and focus inward for a small portion of the day can have positive effects throughout the rest of the day and for days to come. The community vibe helps me be more accountable to myself and I feel more empowered to create more healthy routines that will last.

- Miranda N, Canada


When I first started this class I was on edge and off center. Now that class has ended I am filled, grounded , centered and calm. Im no longer lashing out in anger from being tired and overworked. They gave us the tools we need to go about ours days ahead. And I am so thankful for that.

- Kimberly M, USA

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It is so evident that Marisa and Carrie deeply care about other people and want to make a difference in others' lives. Their positive energy is absolutely amazing, and it is exactly what a program like this needs. I have been meditating anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours every single day for a little over a year, but the vibe of this community is truly unique. Marisa and Carrie are so supportive of everyone and provided the perfect tools for this community to go through this journey. I am extremely grateful for them walking me through this next chapter of my healing journey. Not only has this journey helped me in my own healing, but I found myself able to fall asleep faster and my stress was significantly reduced.

- Kaylie H, USA


"I'm really glad I took the course. I got outside of my comfort zone by meditating/journaling daily which was very daunting... and I embraced it in the end! Slowly but surely, I began to see I was becoming more mindful and had a calmer demeanour. Through this challenge, I learned it's not about turning off the outside world but instead allowing it in and letting it pass through to the other side."

- Jamie M, South Korea


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"Prior to the focus group, I found myself feeling alone and stressed and feeling like I was the only one going through what I was going through. After attending classes, using the breathwork and meditation that I learned in class, I was able to deal with a lot of the everyday stresses that were coming my way. I also had a drastic improvement in my mental health after learning there are more people like me and more importantly, a great community of people ready to help you heal."

- James D, Canada


This 21 Day Transformation Program is truly a gift! This program encourages you to take the time for YOURSELF and it challenges you to meditate but also, each class you learn something new about how to heal yourself or how to improve something! This isn't just mediation, it's improving your lifestyle. If I didn't commit to the 21 days, I wouldn't have such an appreciation for what meditation can do for you.

- Ashley B, Canada



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